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December 8th 11:15: “American Nightmare, Part 3” with Rev. Kendyl Gibbons

Politicians and others are fond of advocating for everyone to share “the American dream.” We may differ about what that is, exactly, or what it should be, but we seldom question whether a dream is the best format for the ideals toward which we might aspire. Visits to a series of historical sites from the Civil Rights movement of the 20th century in the U.S. lead me to wonder whether the idea of a dream does not require the substance of nightmare as its counterpart. If we are not familiar with the American nightmare, we will never awake into the nation that yet could be. The offering will support the work of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

December 8, 10 AM: “Update on the U.S. / Mexico Border” with Mary Sanchez

Mary Sanchez is a syndicated columnist with Tribune Content Agency, specializing in Latin American issues–immigration, race, politics, education and culture. Her columns appear in publications across the nation and internationally.

December 15, 12:45

Elevator Speeches; Friends and Family, Social Media with Rev. Kendyl Gibbons and Angie Jennings
Join Rev. Gibbons and Angie as they discuss  the varying elevator speeches when someone asks, “What is UU?”. They will also talk about social media , the impact and how it is implemented.

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All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church Mission Statement

BUILD a respectful and caring community    |    INSPIRE personal and spiritual growth    |    CREATE a just and compassionate society.