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Want to rent the building, reserve space or submit a proposal for the board? Looking for meeting minutes, church bylaws or the organizational chart? All that information and more can be found here.

Proposed Revision of our Building Use Policy (being reviewed by the All Souls Board) 

You can read the revised policy here: Building use revision Aug 2016.  The major changes include the following:

*Consolidate, clarify and reorganize text –

*Update – We no longer have a Building Use Committee

*Clarify authority of the Office Administrator and Facilities Manager

*Modify free use by members:

limit use of Conover to once a year for 4 hours;

no free use of Bragg except for weddings and funerals.

*For reduced fee or free use, any professional/ work relationship

must be with a non-profit organization

*New provisions:

Encourage donations by groups getting free use

Church groups should schedule use: no preempting space

All contractual users must schedule use

Provide for use of Audio-Visual equipment & piano

Clarify deposits policy

Restrict use of storage space


In relation to this we recommend the “Affiliated Organizations” policy be revised to establish three categories: “Relational group”, “Affiliated Organization”  and  “Sponsored organization”.

The full text of our current policy is the third document below under the heading “Documents” entitled “Policies.”

If you have questions or concerns, please contact board members Chuck Downing or Sue Trowbridge.  A church chat is planned for Sunday, September 11, following the Sunday plus lunch, at which time members can ask questions and give feedback.


Treasurer’s job description                                                             

The Board of Trustees has authority (Constitution , Section 5), to define the province and duties of the Secretary and the Treasurer and committees.

Aside from the by-laws the Board has not defined the duties of the Treasurer and we have not had any working job description.

This past spring the Nominating Committee prepared job descriptions to give potential candidates for Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer a better idea of what their duties would be and how much time might be required of them. This also clarifies the separation of duties and authority needed to strengthen our financial controls.

The Audit and Finance committees have reviewed these descriptions and recommend they be formally adopted. Consequently the Board passed a resolution August 17, to do so. The full text of the resolution and job descriptions is available here: Treasurer’s Job Description Text


Pledge Card Form

Auction Submission form

Building Use and Calendar form – Member groups(Word)

Building Use Agreement-Contract form – Non-Church groups (Word)

Proxy Vote Form

Check Request form (Word) (for reimbursement for expenses)

Board Proposal form (PDF)

Monthly Offering Proposal form (Word)

Electronic Funds Transfer form (Word)

Skills and Interest Volunteer form

Chalice Call report form


All Souls Constitution – revised 2011 (PDF)

All Souls Bylaws – revised 2011 (PDF)

All Souls Church Policies (PDF) Revised 10-20-16

Endowment Trust Indenture – including resolution 10/2012 (PDF)

Members Guide to the Endowment Fund (PDF)


2016 Annual Report

2016 Endowment Balance Sheet

2015 Annual Reports

2015 Endowment Trust Spreadsheet Assets & Liabilities

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

Guidelines for Annual Report

Endowment Assets and Liabilities, Dec. 2012

Board of Trustees meeting minutes 2016

– previous years 2015201420132011-2012

All Souls Governance Chart


Emergency Preparedness

Evacuation Plan (in case of fire, smoke, hazardous material, etc.): click on the following to read about the safe and orderly procedures for exiting the building: Evacuation Procedures 2015

Tornado Safety: click on the following to read about our plan in case of a tornado: Tornado Brochure May 19