All Souls Kansas City

Historical Sparks: An Ecumenical Greeting

You will find here a quotable mention to pique your interest in our history as we prepare to celebrate 150 of liberal religion.

An Ecumenical Greeting The Rev. Judith Walker-Riggs wished her congregation a happy New Year in 1990 with these words:

May we all, in the words of my colleague Jan Knost: Get religion like a Methodist
Experience it like a Baptist
Be sure of it like a Disciple
Stick to it like a Lutheran
Conciliate it like a Congregationalist
Be proud of it like an Episcopalian
Simplify it like a Quaker
Glorify it like a Jew
Pay for it like a Presbyterian
Practice it like a Christian Scientist
Work at it like the Salvation Army
Propagate it like a Roman Catholic
And finally, enjoy it like a Unitarian Universalist   Amen
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