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Every Little Bit Helps | a member’s request

I am so grateful for the creative generosity of Alan and Susan, and the enduring support of our members!  The message and ministry of All Souls is needed in these challenging times, both within our congregation, and in the larger community we serve — and your gifts make it possible.  Thank you! – Rev. Kendyl Gibbons, Senior Minister

Member’s Letter | Alan and Susan Proctor

Hello from Alan and Susan. 

If you are like us, you recently received a stimulus check from the U.S. Government for $1,200 — and perhaps one for a spouse or partner as well. Our first thought was, “Wow, that’s a lot of dollar bills!” But on the heels of this we reconsidered our initial excitement. “This isn’t fair. We don’t really need this money.”

We are now retired with pensions and social security. Our home mortgage payments will soon end. We are not wealthy, but we’re comfortable. I don’t condemn the government for sending stimulus checks to millions of Americans. Many of the recipients desperately need the money. Due to Covid-19, their businesses have temporarily closed, or they have been furloughed and wait sequestered at home wondering where their house payment or rent will come from. Their financial hardship is a new reality, and who knows how long this reality will continue? Their stimulus check is a blessing that will be put to necessary use rectifying some of the unavoidable damage inflicted by needed measures taken to stem the rise of Covid-19.

We have sent most of our stimulus money to financially afflicted nonprofits. We have also included All Souls. If you are like us – comfortable with your financial status – I am asking that you also send a check to All Souls. Our faith community, too, is trying to unravel a loss of income that will impact the coming fiscal year. While we stream services and plan (at this point, anyway) not to socially meet at the church building until May, 2021, All Souls is not receiving expected income from building rentals, Sunday plus lunches, or the postponed auction and other fundraising events.  Although our successful application for a Payroll Protection Program loan has ensured continuing compensation for our staff through the end of this fiscal year on June 30, we have no such assurances for the new fiscal year that begins in July.   An extra contribution from those whose Covid-19 checks are not urgently needed personally could make a significant difference to our congregation’s continued well-being during the year to come.

Thank you for considering a gift to All Souls. Please put “Stimulus money” in the check’s memo line; it will be applied to the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Thanks again in advance.


Alan and Susan Proctor

Members of All Souls