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September 2014 Flame

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Service, September 7, 11:15 am

“Longing for the Sea” with Rev. Kendyl Gibbons

As summer comes to a close, and the ‘real time’ of school and work resume, we cherish the season’s memories by sharing water from our journeys, and look ahead to the coming season.  We re-commit ourselves to the work of justice and peace, in our lives, in our state, and in our world.

Forum, September 7, 10:00 am, Bragg

“The Need for Infrastructure Investment in Kansas City” with Troy Schulte
Troy Schulte has served as City Manager of Kansas City since 2010, after serving seven years as the City Budget Director. He holds Masters degrees in economics from Iowa State University and UMKC.

“Lifting the Nuclear Shroud: The Joy and the Oy!” Rev. Jim Hannah, August 10, 2014

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August 2014 Newsletter

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Forum, August 31, 10:00 am

“Half the World Away:  A Journey to the Naga Mountains”
Newlyweds Rakmi Shaiza and John Kurmann traveled to her hometown in Ukhhul, northeast India, in January.  Rakmi, who was a community organizer in Ukhrul, will talk about how her home has changed in the 13 years since she came to the U.S. as a student, and John, a community activist, will share his observations on life there.

Service, August 31, 11:15 am

“Spirituality Is Fantastic” with Barbara Bemis
The essential goal of fantasy is to lead one into greater self-understanding. If fantasy begins in another world, it is in order to reach that mysterious other world of the human soul.

Service, August 24, 11:15 am

“Come, Come Whoever You Are” with Jane Gilbreath and Kitty Degler
These words from a favorite All Souls song will lead us into Singing Meditation. The goal of Singing Meditation is to create a time and space for our souls to explore their vast potential for spiritual joy. Regardless of our spiritual backgrounds, this interfaith experience can unite us in a community of voices and hearts. So, Come, come whoever you are, and expect music and silence to soothe, energize, delight and move you.

Service, August 17, 11:15 am

“The Hero’s Journey” with Rev. Diana Hughes
Thoreau wrote that we lead lives of “quiet desperation.” Perhaps that is because we have a sense that we were made of greater stuff, meant for grander deeds. How do we reclaim our authentic path and help those we meet along the way? Sarah LaBarr will inspire us with theme songs of two of our favorite heroic journeys from “The Wizard of Oz” and “Carousel.”

Service, August 10, 11:15 am

“Lifting the Nuclear Shroud” Rev. Jim Hannah, PeaceWorks
With Aug. 6 and 9 being anniversaries of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this morning we’ll take the theme, “Lifting the Nuclear Shroud,” or “The Joy and the Oy!” We lift the shroud of mourning to see clearly the possibilities of a nuclear weapons-free world.