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July 2018, Newsletter, The Flame

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Service: “Aliveness Coming to Get You!” with Rev. Jill Jarvis

Click here to start at the sermon. Even after you’ve hung out for a while in that terrifying dark void of in-betweenness – and you’ve finally reached out and grabbed that empty bar coming at you with your name on it – don’t be deluded into thinking that you’re finally safe. Oh no. Growth and […]

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Service: “A New and Unsettling Force” with Rev. Kendyl Gibbons

Click here to start at the sermon. I hope you know the story by now. We didn’t learn about it in history class when I was growing up, it would not have fit the dominant narrative that my generation of white public school students were supposed to be learning. In point of fact, this was […]

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Service: “To Learn the Future” with Rev. Kendyl Gibbons

Click here to start at the sermon. Let me give you fair warning; this lies in store for all of us, whatever your current age may be. If you live long enough – and it doesn’t have to be all that long; probably well before you are ready for it – children take over the […]

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Service: “Arise, All Souls 150th Anniversary Celebration” with 150th Anniversary Committee

Click here to start at the sermon. Good morning, and welcome, on this very special day! Happy Anniversary, All Souls! In case you are visiting us today for the first time, We are delighted that you are here, But you should be warned that things are going to be a little different from usual, as […]

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