All Souls Kansas City

Beloved Conversations

In order to get to the point where race doesn’t make a difference, we must see the difference that race makes.” – Michael Eric Dyson

Beloved Conversations:
Meditations on Race and Ethnicity

What: Beloved Conversations weekend retreat
Where: Shawnee Mission UU Church (SMUUCh)
When: Friday evening (March 9) and Saturday (March 10th)
Why: It is part of our journey toward wholeness!


We are living in a racialized society, and people of all races and ethnicities are being affected by this racialization. As individuals, how do we respond to the brokenness that comes from racism? How do we respond as a congregation of people with different racial identities and racial histories?

How do we move toward healing, unity, and solidarity in a time of division, segregation, and discord? Discussions of race, racial identity, and privilege can be difficult and fraught with emotion. And yet we are called to do the hard work of engagement, dialogue, reflection, and introspection.

In March 2018, the five congregations of the Kansas/KC cluster* are hosting a Beloved Conversations workshop. Each congregation will be sending 10 representatives to participate in the retreat, followed by an 8-week curriculum to be hosted at each of our congregations.

* Topeka, Manhattan, Lawrence, All Souls, and SMUUCh

Please donate generously so that this amazing workshop can take place. Follow this link.


Click here to learn more about the Beloved Conversations curriculum.