All Souls Kansas City

Minister’s Message

Reflections on the Kavanaugh Hearing

Dearly Beloved, This has been a difficult day for so many of us. The testimony of both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh has brought up a variety of feelings around the nation, and within our community. If you have ever experienced sexual assault, your trauma and distress may be triggered again by […]

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Kendyl’s Column: Adult Religious Education Series on Islam

It is not true that all religions are in some sense ‘really’ the same. The diversity of the human spirit is larger than that. What is true, in my observation, is that all religions deal with many of the same dilemmas of the human condition, and wrestle with the same questions. But the answers they […]

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Kendyl’s Column: We Crossed the Line

A number of All Souls members shared the saga of Mark’s and my house hunt during the spring when I was called to be the senior minister here. You may recall that we went through three real estate agents before we found one who was willing to show us any homes located east of Troost […]

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Kendyl’s Column: Building Our Future

All Souls is approaching a time of significant decisions about the future of our congregation, beginning with the conceptual presentation by our architects on Nov. 22, and continuing through our congregational meeting on Jan. 3 to approve plans for our renovation. Decisions will still continue after that point, but this will be an important segment […]

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Kendyl’s Column: We who believe in Freedom Cannot rest…

“We who believe in freedom cannot rest…” Ella’s Song, written by Bernice Johnson Raegan and sung originally by the black women of Sweet Honey in the Rock, reminds us that changing the world is a process, not an event. It is a song that both black folks and white folks can sing with integrity, but […]

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Kendyl’s Corner: Adult Religious Education Opportunities

One of the church’s most basic tasks is to stand as a counterweight to social pressure, received wisdom, and the excesses of popular culture. As presidential campaigning goes full swing, we are subjected more than ever to candidates, and pundits, and advertisers, talking and talking — telling us what is wrong, what should be done, […]

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