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UNICEF Collection

These Little Boxes Make a Difference

Trick or Treat Boxes for UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, will be given to our   children.  You are invited to find a child with a box on Oct. 28 and make a donation to help a child in need.

Parents, please help your children fill their boxes with donations from family, friends and   neighbors.  If each child at All Souls collects a minimum of $5.00, we can make a significant contribution to UNICEF.

  • 25 cents gives 10 children clean water to drink for a day
  • $1 pays for protein biscuits for a starving child
  • $17 keeps a child safe from six killer diseases
  • $24 supplies an emergency first aid kit
  • $257 buys a School-in-a-Box so children can learn anywhere
  • $500 buys a water pump for a village or school

Let’s create a better life for the world’s children



Halloween Activities

Jack-O-Lantern Parade

An All Souls tradition with children and youth decorating pumpkins and adults enjoying the resulting parade of Jack-o-Lanterns.

Decorating:  Sunday, October 27, from 10:00-11:00 am.

Parade: Beginning of the 11:15 service, October 27.

Purchase the Pumpkins: You can purchase the pumpkins in Conover after the service and support the music and religious education  programs at All Souls.

You can take home a jack-o-lantern created by an All Souls child, and our children get the joy of sharing their creativity with you!

 And so…

We Need Lots of Pumpkins

Could you bring four or more pumpkins for our children to carve?  (Or you can give Judith some cash and she’ll do the shopping for you.)  Leave your pumpkins in the lobby between October 4 and October 26 and bring a smile to the face of a child.

 Pumpkin Scooping Party: Saturday, October 26, 10:00 am

Come one!  Come all!  Come join in the fun!!!


Summer Camp 2013, Ages 3-14

“Hands Across Cultures”

Pictures from our week together:








Children and Youth Events

For more information about the programs and curriculum,             click here.


Nursery Service 10:00 -12:15

Nursery service is provided for babies and toddlers.

Children and Youth Programs 10:00-11:00

Sunday School 11:15 – 12:15