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Forum, April 27, 10:00 am

“Why so few Americans Read Poetry who Aren’t Assigned to” with William Trowbridge

Why is  the American audience for poetry  so small and what’s being done – and might be further done – to change this? William Trowbridge is finishing his term as Missouri Poet Laureate. He also will be reading some poems from his new book, Put This On Please: New and Selected Poems.


Forum, April 20, 10:00 am

“A Look at KC School Reform from Inside” with Katie Boody

Katie Boody will speak of her experience as a fourth generation Kansas Citian, a charter corps member for Teach for America in Kansas City, a founding teacher of Alta Vista Charter Middle School, and a founder of an Education Startup based in KCMO.


Forum, April 13, 10:00 am

“Computational Thinking or Mindful Computing?” with Bill Mullins

Digital technology devices seem to appear much faster than we can evaluate their  utility.  Their capabilities often far exceed the needs or wants of users. Is this extravagance a hazard?  Bill Mullins, Independent Community Organizer, reflects on his experience with some KCPS Charter School 3rd Graders during a recent introduction to the “practice of computer coding.”


Forum, April 6, 2014, 10 am

“The Solution to Dollarocracy Is Democracy” with Robert W. McChesney

McChesney, Gutgsell Endowed Professor, Dept. of Communication, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, will be speaking about his recent books, Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex Is Destroying America, coauthored with John Nichols, and Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism Is Turning the Internet Against Democracy. Further discussion & book-signing following at Simpson House.


Forum, March 30, 10:00 am

“From Kansas City KS to Tanzania” with Charlotte “Mama C” O’Neal  

Our speaker will share her journey from growing up in KCKS and membership in the KC Black Panther Party to a life as a community activist, musician, poet, and artist in Finalmente on line i giochi da Casino a cui hai sempre sognano di partecipare e senza recarti in un Casino vero. Tanzania.  She and her husband Pete run UAACC, the United African Alliance Community Center. (Historical note: Pete O’Neal, then leader of the KC Black Panther Party, spoke May 25, 1969  at the All Souls Forum on Why Revolution?)


Forum, March 23, 10:00 am

“School Board Candidates’ Forum” with KCMO School Board Candidates  

On April 8 the Kansas City School District voters will elect new Board members. Should the State take over the  District? Is the Superintendent’s claimed come-back genuine? Hear what each candidate has to say, and then ask them your questions.


Forum, March 16, 10:00 am

“Mere Words and Symbolic Gestures: Pope Francis and the New Catholic Message”  with Mary O’Halloran

Mary O’Halloran, media consultant and panelist on KCPT’s “Ruckus,” is our presenter.  Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio was elected Pope in March, 2013. What has happened during his first year? How is he seeking to change the Catholic Church? Is the Church ready for a break with tradition or reform of the Vatican’s governance and public policies?

Forum, March 9, 10:00 am

“Why We Need Alternative/Community Radio” with Bill Clause  

Bill Clause, Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator at KKFI 90.l FM Community Radio, will discuss how KKFI fits into the space between internet information anarchy and the corporate media giants.


Forum, March 2, 10:00 am

“Oscar Sunday at the Forum” with  John Tibbetts
It’s Oscar Sunday,  the celebration of the 86th Academy Awards. All good UU movie goers will gather to predict and critique winners and losers. John Tibbetts, Associate Professor of Theatre and Film at KU will be standing in for Bob Butler this year. John will be leading the conversation and sharing many new and interesting Oscar stories.

Forum, February 23, 10:00 am

“L. M. Birkhead: Democracy’s Defender” with Jim Grebe

Outspoken fighter against Kansas City Pendergast machine politics, American fascism, red-baiting and other social ills of his day, L. M. Birkhead left a remarkable legacy of progressive activism, including  pastorship of the All Souls Church in the 1920s. All Souls member Jim Grebe, Birkhead’s  biographer, recounts the story. (“The Future of Books” with Crosby Kemper III, originally scheduled for this day, has been postponed.)