All Souls Kansas City

Social Responsibility Board/ Outreach

Community involvement and actively working to improve our world are key tenets of the Universal Unitarian faith. There are several ways for All Souls members to get involved. For meeting times, schedules or more information contact All Souls by e-mail or call (816) 531-2131.

MORE2:  This interfaith, social justice organization works on issues such as transportation, education, economic development, expanding minority hiring on construction projects, and defeating Missouri’s lifetime food stamp ban.

All Souls has worked with More2 to hold  a racial profiling protest outside Kansas City, Mo. city hall and a lobby day in Jefferson City.

Racial & Social JusticeSocial Justice Committee: The social justice group plans All Souls’ social activism efforts. Ongoing projects include preparing and serving monthly dinners at reStart homeless center.  Accessibility & Inclusion Ministries (AIM) has just launched its own Facebook page!  Please visit and like us:

Transylvania Partner Church: Since 1991, All Souls has sponsored a Unitarian 
congregation in Transylvania, Romania the historic roots of Unitarianism and religious 
liberty. All Souls members have visited the church in Nyaradgalfalva seven times and is 
planning on returning.

UU Service Committee: Works with our national organization to promote justice globally.

UU United Nations Organization:  Projects include working on international human rights and water rights, sending youth to U.N. to participate in the Commission on the Status of Women, and sponsoring a Celebration of Life service to promote awareness and activism toward the group’s efforts.

Beautiful GlendiCarver School Amigos: All Souls volunteers work with students at Carver Elementary School by building ongoing relationships with individual students or specific teachers and classes.   Amigos can serve as one-on-one tutors, teacher’s assistants or class readers.  For more information and to volunteer, contact Peg Maher or John Maher.

Guatemalan Concerns: All Souls sponsors the Hogar Luz De Maria Orphanage in Guatemala. Often the children in this orphanage have no shoes, socks, books or furniture. In the past, All Souls has provided school supplies, tables, chairs and mattresses. More recently, the church helped build a home and outhouse for a single mother and helped her set up an apron-making business.

All Souls visits the orphanage every other year. On the last trip, members tutored preschoolers, helped build furniture and worked with stray animals.To become part of the Guatemalan Concerns team contact Linda Parkinson.