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Supporting All Souls

All Souls counts on the generous support of our members for funding our programs, the maintenance of our facilities, and the staff who help to make it all happen.  We also welcome contributions from those who wish to honor the memory of an All Souls member, or to support our mission in the community.  There are several ways to offer donations.

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You can make a contribution to All Souls to honor a special occasion for yourself or someone else, such as a graduation, wedding, retirement, or achievement.  Donations are also often made in memory of someone who has died, as a more lasting memorial than flowers.  These kinds of contributions can be designated to go to the current Operating Budget, where they are used immediately in support of the congregation’s work, or they can be made to the Endowment Fund, where they will generate income over time for the church’s use.

You can send a check to the All Souls address; please specify the name of the person you wish to honor, and whether the donation should be directed to the Operating Budget or the Endowment Fund.

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