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  1. Sign in so you can come back later and see your giving history.
  2. Pick where you would like to direct your contribution. You can choose more than one fund in a single transaction.
    • Donations will go to the general fund and are gratefully accepted from visitors and any members who want to give more than they have pledged.
    • Forum/Odyssey/Documentary will go to support our 10 am programming.
    • Sunday Plus Lunch will go toward the group who is sponsoring the meal. Just let the cashier know that you paid online.
    • Special Offering will go toward the organization that was chosen to share the Special Collection. The recipient changes monthly.  See the newsletter for the current recipient.
    • Pledge will be counted toward your annual pledged amount. Make or change your pledge.
    • Capital Campaign will go to the remodel project.
    • Landscaping Fund will cover the cost of the landscaping needs resulting from the construction.
    • Music & Religious Education is shared between both programs.
    • RE Summer Camp is for Summer Camp Fees.
    • COA/Boston goes to cover the biannual Coming of Age trip to Boston.
    • Memorial/Celebration See below for more information.
  3. Pick a frequency if you would like this to be a recurring payment. And set a start and end date. You may leave the end date empty if you would like it to continue until you delete it.
  4. Enter your payment information. You may enter multiple payment methods.
  5. Please consider checking the option to offset the fees so more of your money goes where it is needed to help our church community and the community at large.


Give Now is secure.

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Search Give Plus or click here to download to your phone.

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Text (913) 7358978

To quickly and easily give using your debit or credit card for a one-time donation or to set up recurring donations to multiple funds.

  • Enter the All Souls Give+ text number and the amount you wish to donate. Tap send.
  • Register – You will receive a link to register. Tap the link, enter your contact and payment information the tap Process
  • You will receive a verification text and email. For future giving all you do is text the amount and fund to (913) 735-8978.

Texting Keywords

These are not case sensitive.

Assist or #Assist- Sends instructions to the donor via text.

Discontinue or #Discontinue- Cancels the donor’s recurring Give by Text donations.

Edit or #Edit- Allows donors to edit their name, payment method, address, and email. Once the edit keyword is sent, the donor will receive a link.

Funds or #Funds- Donors can send this message to receive a list of the church’s Give by Text funds.

             Select Funds*
                         Donation – General Fund, undesignated giving
                         Pledge – pledge – Make or change your pledge.
                         Special – Special Offering goes to a specific campaign for the month.
                         Capital – Capital Campaign
                         Forum– Supports the Forum or Odyssey
                         Lunch – Sunday Plus lunch
                         REM – Religious Education & Music
                         Boston – COA trip to Boston
* See complete list by texting Funds


Halt or #Halt- Allows donors to permanently disable Give by Text. At this time, donors cannot re-enroll once they’ve opted out.

Refund or #Refund- Donors can send this message to refund or cancel a donation they’ve submitted and will be directed to call the church.

Schedule or #Schedule- Allows a donor to set up a new recurring donation.

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Make a Memorial or Celebration Contribution

You can make a contribution to All Souls to honor a special occasion for yourself or someone else, such as a graduation, wedding retirement, or achievement.  Donations are also often made in memory or someone who has died, as a more lasting memorial than flowers.  These kinds of contributions can be designated to go to the current operating budget, where they are used immediately in support of the congregation’s work, or they can be made to the Endowment Fund, where they will generate income over time for the church’s use.

You can send a check to the All Souls address.  Please specify the name of the person you wish to honor, and whether the donation should be directed to the operating budget or the Endowment Fund. If you use the online option above, please e-mail with the details.
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Make an On-Going Operating Pledge

We encourage every member to pledge, from students to retirees according to your ability, so that all of us share ownership in the church. Our leaders count on your pledge commitments to plan the budget.

Please fill out a Pledge Form and return to the office.

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We dedicate our offerings, and our actions,
To the mission at the heart of this congregation  

To build a respectful, caring community
To inspire personal and spiritual growth; and
To create change toward a just and compassionate society.
If you have questions about the contents of this page please contact