Our church community is supported by the generosity of our members and       friends. You may make a contribution to the work of our church easily by       using the online service with a link below.

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Other Fundraising Opportunities

Grocery Store CoUUpons
Fund All Souls, Smile Train
& Social Justice Activities
Invest $5 and get up to $50 back! Buy a Hen House, HyVee or Price Chopper coupon book for $5 and get $50 in coupons. Each book includes a coupon good for a $5 discount (with a $50 grocery purchase) so your full investment is returned immediately.

It’s possible to raise $3200 – $4000 this year, if we sell 800-1000 books. 5% of the proceeds go to the Social Responsibility Board, 5% to Smile Train and the remaining proceeds go to the church general budget.

Purchase your books at the church bookstore, in the office or periodically in Conover. We’ll also sell them during the UnPlaza Art Fair.

Use the coupons for your holiday cooking and they are great ways to say       thank you to friends and family and the neighbor who is always there for you. Buy some books to sell at work. Buy a book, use the $5 coupon and give the remaining coupons to a food bank or needy family.

Your $20 bill will buy 4 books, get an immediate $20+ in grocery discounts       and contribute $16 to All Souls. That’s a win-win-win we can all support!


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