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Oct 2018 Budget Summary

Oct 2018 Budget Detail Report

Oct 2018 Designated Fund Report

Oct 2018 Capital Campaign Report

Sept 2018 Budget Summary

Sept 2018 Budget Detail Report

Sept 2018 Designated Fund Report

Sept 2018 Capital Campaign Report

Aug 2018 Budget Summary

Aug 2018 Budget Detail Report

Aug 2018 Designated Fund Report

Aug 2018 Capital Campaign Report

July 2018 Budget Summary

July 2018 Budget Detail Report

July 2018 Designated Fund Report

July 2018 Capital Campaign Report


All Souls Budget 2018-19

Simpson House Budget 2018-19


June 2018 Budget Summary

June 2018 Budget Detail Report

June 2018 Designated Funds Report

June 2018 Capital Campaign Report

May 2018 Budget Summary

May 2018 Budget Detail Report

May 2018 Designated Funds Report

May 2018 Capital Campaign Report

Apr 2018 Budget Summary

Apr 2018 Budget Detail Report

Apr 2018 Designated Funds Report

Apr 2018 Capital Campaign Report

Mar 2018 Budget Summary

Mar 2018 Budget Detail Report

Mar 2018 Designated Funds Report

Mar 2018 Capital Campaign Report

Feb 2018 Budget Summary

Feb 2018 Budget Detail Report

Feb 2018 Designated Funds Report

Feb 2018 Capital Campaign Report

Jan 2018 Budget Summary

Jan 2018 Budget Detail Report

Jan 2018 Designated Funds Report

Jan 2018 Capital Campaign Report

Dec 2017 Budget Summary

Dec 2017 Budget Detail Report

Dec 2017 Designated Funds Report

Dec 2017 Capital Campaign Report

Nov 2017 Budget Summary

Nov 2017 Budget Detail Report

Nov 2017 Designated Funds Report

Nov 2017 Capital Campaign Report

Oct 2017 Budget Summary

Oct 2017 Budget Detail Report

Oct 2017 Designated Funds Report

Oct 2017 Capital Campaign Report

Sept 2017 Budget Summary

Sept 2017 Budget Detail Report

Sept 2017 Designated Funds Report

Sept 2017 Capital Campaign Report

Aug 2017 Budget Summary

Aug 2017 Budget Detail Report

Aug 2017 Designated Funds Report

Aug 2017 Capital Campaign Report

July 2017 Budget Summary

July 2017 Budget Detail Report

July 2017 Designated Funds Report

July 2017 Capital Campaign Report


All Souls Budget 2017-2018

This is the budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 approved at the annual meeting 5-21-2017. It also shows the approved 2016-2017 fiscal year budget, the amounts projected from current operations (Draft) and reductions needed to arrive at a balance budget.

All Souls Budget 2017-18 Reductions

This is a summary of the reductions needed in order to reach a balanced budget (Change Needed to Balance column). Page 2 shows the order of priority these reductions would be restored if additonal funds become available from increased pledges, fundraising or other income sources

Income and Program Expense Charts and Data 2017-2018

This provides a quick overview of income and expenses with a visual display

Simpson House Budget 2017-2018

A separate budget for Simpson House is used in order to accurately know our costs.


June 2017 Budget Summary

June 2017 Budget Detail Report

June 2017 Designated Funds Report

June 2017 Capital Campaign Report

May 2017 Budget Summary

May 2017 Budget Detail Report

May 2017 Capital Campaign Report

May 2017 Designated Funds Report

Apr 2017 Budget Summary

Apr 2017 Budget Detail Report

Apr 2017 Designated Funds Report

Apr 2017 Capital Campaign Report

Mar 2017 Budget Summary

Mar 2017 Budget Detail Report

Mar 2017 Designated Funds Report

Mar 2017 Capital Campaign Report

Feb 2017 Budget Summary

Feb 2017 Budget Detail Report

Feb 2017 Designated Funds Report

Feb 2017 Capital Campaign Report

Jan 2017 Budget Summary

Jan 2017 Budget Detail Report

Jan 2017 Designated Funds Report

Jan 2017 Capital Campaign Report

Dec 2016 Budget Summary

Dec 2016 Budget Detail Report

Dec 2016 Designated Funds Report

Dec 2016 Capital Campaign Report

Nov 2016 Budget Summary

Nov 2016 Budget Detail Report

Nov 2016 Designated Funds Report

Nov 2016 Capital Campaign Report

Oct 2016 Budget Summary

Oct 2016 Budget Detail Report

Oct 2016 Designated Funds Report

Oct 2016 Capital Campaign Report

Sept 2016 Budget Summary

Sept 2016 Budget Detail Report

Sept 2016 Capital Campaign Report

Aug 2016 Budget Summary

Aug 2016 Budget Detail Report

Aug 2016 Capital Campaign Report

July 2016 Budget Summary

July 2016 Budget Detail Report

July 2016 Capital Campaign Report

Budget 2016-2017

June 2016 Budget Summary

June 2016 Budget Detail Report

June 2016 Capital Campaign Report

May 2016 Budget Summary

May 2016 Budget Detail Report

May 2016 Capital Campaign Report

April 2016 Budget Summary

April 2016 Budget Detail Report

March 2016 Budget Summary

March 2016 Budget Detail Report

February 2016 Budget Summary

February 2016 Budget Detail Report

January 2016 Budget Summary

January 2016 Budget Detail Report

December 2015 Budget Summary

December 2015 Budget Detail Report

November 2015 Budget Summary

November 2015 Budget Detail Report

October 2015 Budget Summary

October 2015 Budget Detail Report

September 2015 Budget Summary

September 2015 Budget Detail Report

August 2015 Budget Summary

August 2015 Budget Detail Report

July 2015 Budget Summary

July 2015 Budget Detail Report

Budget 2015-2016

June 2015 Budget Summary

June 2015 Budget Detail Report

May 2015 Budget Summary

May 2015 Budget Detail Report

April 2015 Budget Summary

April 2015 Budget Detail Report

March 2015 Budget Summary

March 2015 Budget Detail Report

February 2015 Budget Summary

February 2015 Budget Detail Report

January 2015 Budget Summary

January 2015 Budget Detail Report

December 2014 Budget Summary

December 2014 Detailed Report

November 2014 Budget Summary

November 2014 Detailed Report

October 2014 Budget Summary

October 2014 Detailed Report

September 2014 Budget Summary

September 2014 Detailed Report

August 2014 Budget Summary

August 2014 Detailed Report

July 2014 Budget Summary

July 2014 Detailed Report

Budget 2014-2015

June 2014 Detailed Report

June 2013 Detailed Report

June 2012 Detailed Report

June 2011 Detailed Report

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June 2002 Detailed Report(.xls)