Carver Dual Language Elementary – Service Opportunities


Carver Dual Language Elementary School Update:

Fifth graders Gabriela Tovar (from left), Alfredo Antolin, Raymond Ortuno and Stephanie Pina listen as teacher Suzi Scott helps students visualize fractions and decimals Tuesday, Mar. 13, 2012. Jill Toyoshiba/Kansas City Star

Exciting things are happening at Carver! The fall term has brought a much needed increase in staff. Included are Phillena Layne, new full-time Vice Principal and Evelyn Salazar, new half-time Parent Liaison. Counselor Mary Moller now is assigned full-time. The lobby is more welcoming, enhanced by a fountain, an aquarium, and an aviary as well as a delightful mural painted last year by 2nd grade students. About 370 students are enrolled–K-6th Grade.


With help from Community Gardens staff and Ellie Dawson, several classes planted and harvested lettuce, spinach, and radishes. Students celebrated Halloween in The Haunted Gymnasium and with classroom parties. Parents recently had an opportunity to have their families photographed at Carver by Jim Jarvis. Linda Parkinson has sold out consistently in The Sweet Shoppe, and students are anticipating shopping at the Holiday Boutique.


Last year’s efforts to improve student achievement are paying off. Data from the Spring 2012 MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) testing reflect overall improvement in Carver’s scores, with several groups showing impressive progress. For example, compared to 2011 data, the percentage of students in the 4th grade cohort who rated proficient or advanced in mathematics increased from 25 to 64. For the 5th grade cohort, the percentage of students who rated proficient or advanced in communication arts increased from 44 to 54. First-quarter fall assessments show continuing progress.


The KCPS District’s expanded assessment and database technologies now facilitate identification of each student’s specific knowledge and skill deficits related to reading and math. Several venues are accessible onsite for students who need help outside their regular classroom. Tutoring services are available after school two afternoons each week. Beginning in January, additional school sessions will be available on Saturday and during spring break.


All Souls Amigos contribute to student achievement through ongoing relationships with individual students or with specific teachers/classes. Peg and John Maher are new Amigos this fall.  Working in a kindergarten classroom, Peg says, “I enjoy the uninhibited affection from kids so eager for the extra attention. I’m happy for the opportunity to help teachers who have the most important and demanding jobs in the city.”


John works in a 5th grade classroom. He comments, “Spending time at Carver is a real upper. The kids are dedicated, sincere, eager, hard working, and appreciative of the extra help I can offer.


Could you be a Carver Amigo? There are many unaddressed requests from students and teachers. The District’s volunteer program has been reorganized and now is called Volunteers for Achievement. Current YouthFriend volunteers are grandfathered into the new program. Online applications go directly to the District for processing. The Family Care Safety Registry provides background screening for all new volunteers. For more information, please contact Roma Lee Taunton (