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The Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity (MORE²) was formed in 2004 with All Souls as a founding member. An affiliate of the Gamaliel Foundation (an international organizing institute), we focus on racial and economic justice through policy change. Since its creation, MORE² has worked through alliances between member congregations to make systemic, sustainable changes in the public policies that govern economic development, education, transportation and health equity.


Some MORE² policy successes: working with the City of Kansas City, Missouri to implement one of the strongest minority hiring and workforce development ordinances in the US, securing and   successfully implementing a $2.5 million community benefits agreement with the Missouri Dept. of Transportation for job training and hiring of women and minority workers for the I-35 Kit Bond Bridge, passing state legislation for persistence to graduation for Missouri high school students, and securing commitments for and implementing the only Sunday bus service in the state of  Kansas with the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas.


Recently, MORE² worked to renew and strengthen KCMO’s workforce ordinance, implement new KCATA bus service along 85th street in Kansas City, Missouri to provide access to jobs,   medical care and healthy food for southtown residents, held candidate forums in partnership with CCO for the Kansas City School Board elections, and initiated work with KDOT to implement best practice policies for workforce development for women and minority workers on their highway construction projects. MORE² is also working with the Mid-America Regional Council to jump-start equitable, sustainable development and redevelopment along six public transportation corridors throughout the metro area via the “Creating Sustainable Places” program.


MORE² Executive Director: Lora McDonald

All Souls’ MORE² Core Team Leader: Lon Swearingen