Racial Justice

All Souls Racial Justice Committee meets monthly.  Our monthly meeting times are not set in the schedule at this time of committee growth.  However, all who are interested in working on racial justice issues are welcome to attend and participate. We are currently developing our projects for 2013-2014, come help us prioritize our efforts.


In the recent past, we have collaborated on and facilitated:


  • Trip to Nicodemus, KS for the 150th Celebration of the Proclamation of Emancipation;
  • Juneteenth Sunday Service;
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday Service;
  • Supported the MLK Marade with Bethel AME and other community churches;
  • Supported the Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast and forum with MASW;
  • Afraid of the Dark reading circles with the Urban League;
  • Tour of the Brown vs. Board of Education Museum in Topeka; and
  • Tour of the Quindaro Underground Railroad Museum and Cemetery with the Coming of Age Youth.