Coffee & Conversation

Worship services may be the soul of our Sunday morning experience, at All Souls our fellowship hall, also known as “Conover Café,” is the heart of Sunday community. Many churches have a coffee hour. Our coffee “hour” is a true café that is open from 8:30a.m. to 12:30p.m. and often into the afternoon on the Sundays that we host lunches.

Members enjoying our diversity as they chat in Conover

On Sunday morning, the coffee is perking and often baked goods tempt us all.  Sitting at tables, spiffed up with bright cloths, people are catching up with old friends and making new ones, debating public policy strategies or discussing this week’s sermon or the work of a committee.

Newcomers are warmly welcomed into conversations and introduced to long  standing members. Those who tend to be  introverted will often bring a book to read while being surrounded by the  geniality of community.

“Conover Cares” is a service offered to our church’s family caregivers of older adults. Each Sunday, trained volunteers provide monitoring and supervision of our older members while their family caregiver participates in the life of the church.  The volunteers are able to help our older adults get coffee or something to eat, engage in the lively conversation, and generally make sure they are safe and occupied while their caregiver is engaged. The volunteers do not take church members to the bathroom but we do find the caregiver if there is a need. This is a gift of respite for the caregiver from our church and the 11 volunteers who staff the table. If you are a caregiver and want to use the Conover Cares volunteers, please call Jane Henderson at 816-868-6834. If you want to volunteer, please let Jane know as well.

There are countless ways to be part of the scene that is Conover Café.  Join us!