Sunday Forum

At 10 a.m, September through May, the UU Forum meets in Bragg Auditorium.

Mayor Sly James, January 29, 2012 "State of the City" Forum Address

The All Souls Forum occurs each of thirty-nine Sundays per year, with the mission “to afford a platform for the discussion of significant issues, especially those which involve ethical values in the contemporary world.” Topics for these forums often complement themes for worship services, with a focus on crucial, public problems affecting our public lives.

Topics include governance, from the Supreme Court to municipal management and legislation; food, energy, and other environmental topics; economics; politics; the media; and special topics that involve ethical values.

Bob Butler, from the Kansas City Star: Annual Forum on "The Oscars"


The usual format includes one or two speakers addressing a topic for about half an hour, followed by the speakers’ responses to relevant questions from the community and church audiences.


The full Forum committee meets four times per year–the third Thursdays of July, October, and January, for planning the schedule of topics and speakers; and in June for evaluating the preceding year’s programs. We coordinate with other All Souls committees,especially social responsibility committees. Sub-committees and individuals communicate and negotiate continually to maintain the varied speakers’ program.


Periodic Tuesday evening documentaries relating to ethical issues also occur under the aegis of the All Souls Forum Committee, as do the June, July and August, 10 a.m. Sunday morning Religious Odysseys by All Souls members and friends at Simpson House.

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