Sunday School

Religious Education Board

The Religious Education Board, along with the minister of religious education, Rev. Judith Cady, supports and supervises the programs for children and youth.  The Board meets the third Sunday of the month, at 12:45, following the Sunday Plus Lunch in the Library.  Visitors, parents and interested church members are welcome to attend.

Explore, Ask, Imagine How to Live the Unitarian Universalist Principles at All Souls Sunday School, Where Learning is Fun

At All Souls we offer two hours of programming every Sunday for all ages of children and youth from birth through high school. Each Sunday School class develops its own covenants for creating a welcoming and caring environment for every child and teen. We learn to integrate our seven UU principles in our lives through stories, discussions, creative expression and service.  Professional curriculum, engaging lessons, and exceptional teachers are keys to the success of our programs. Developing friendships and having fun are high priorities for us. All children and youth are welcome to join us on Sunday mornings!


Nursery Service 10:00 -12:15

Nursery service is provided for babies and toddlers.

Children and Youth Programs 10:00-11:00

Rev. Judith Cady with our Sunday School

Creativity, conversation and community for all ages.

Children’s Choir 10:00-10:30 – Resumes October 6

All Souls offers an exceptional music program for children lst through 6th grade participating in our Children’s Choir, directed by Sarah LaBarr.
As a professional voice teacher, Sarah is teaching our children both the skills and the joy of singing.

Sunday School Program 11:15-12:15

Sunday School classes are provided for ages 3-18. We explore our Unitarian Universalist faith and principles
through storytelling, discussion, creative experiences and service projects.

2014-2015 School Year Curriculum

Preschool -Kindergarten: Celebrating Me and My World: Encourages natural religious development in celebrating the wonder of people and our world through stories, singing, dancing, painting and creative activities.

Gr. 1-3: Free to Believe: Explores our UU principles and values while examining some “big questions” through the perspective of our Unitarian Universalist sources.

Gr. 4-5: Bibleodeon: Introduces young UUs to stories of the Hebrew Bible and to the relevance of these stories to contemporary life, with opportunities to decide on their own what they think and believe about the Bible stories.

Gr. 6-7: Traditions with a Wink: Teaches an understanding of our Unitarian Universalist faith and traditions as our youth participate in the process of shaping their own faith.

Gr. 8-12: Neighboring Faiths: Teens choose to explore information about different faith communities and then visit the religious services of those communities.