All Souls Kansas City

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Board of Trustees

At the Annual Meeting Kellie Bergie, Russell Feldhausen, Lana Dealy, and Alan Proctor, were voted onto the board. Scott England, Julie Koehler, and David Robinson were voted to remain on the board by the congregation. Immediately following the meeting, the board elected its President and Vice President.

Raegan Buatte, PresidentScott England
Andrea Jonson, Vice PresidentKellie Beargie
Tracy Van Quatham, SecretaryRussell Feldhausen
Julie Koehler, TreasurerAlan Proctor
David Robinson, Asst. TreasurerCheryl Westra
Barbara Bemis
Lana Dealy

Please visit the Board of Trustees’ page