All Souls Kansas City

April Artist | Frank Stevens

Exhibition run: April 8th – May 30th

Artist Reception: TBD


Born and raised in Missouri, Frank Stevens served in the military for a few years, labored in factories and on farms then became unemployed before pursuing bachelor and graduate degrees. He went on to work in education. Thirty-four years and six states later he succumbed to a lifelong wanderlust. Twenty years into retirement, he splits time between Michigan, Missouri, Texas the Gulf Coast and stops in foreign ports. Photography has always been a hobby but never a preoccupation, not until digital SLR cameras became affordable. Through his photography he is a story teller, a writer, a woodworker, and musician. So, he is a well-rounded creative soul.

Artist’s Statement

I really don’t think of myself as an artist. My formal art background consisted of studio classes while in college, when long hair, smoking and Bohemian bistros were in vogue. That part was a distraction. Smokeless with short hair, I spent my spare time in the gym. Still, I walked away with an eye for strong lines, color, shapes and space. I make photographs because I can, anywhere, anytime, at my convenience. All I need is my camera and lap top computer. I have no plan, no method, just a need to be in motion and the desire to capture lightning in a bottle. My writing, story-telling, photographs, woodworking, music, it’s all the same motivation, the same process. My photographs have never had any other purpose than pleasing the eye. I enjoy and appreciate seeing my best work dressed up and displayed on a gallery wall. 

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