All Souls Kansas City

January Artist | Rick Caplan

Show runs January 2 – February 11

Opening Reception: January 31st, 6 – 8 PM

Artist Bio:

My interest in art is the consequence of being bored in high school. Instead of paying attention to the teacher, I doodled on my desk, in my textbooks, and on the shirt or blouse of the person sitting in front of me. Quizzes and tests were turned in with oddball characters drawn in the spaces where the answers should be. I can still remember my English teacher, Miss Agnes Tuttlemeyer, yelling, “Richard Caplan! Can’t you, at least, pretend you are interested in what goes on in class?” “Miss Tuttlemeyer,” I coolly replied, “first of all, only my mother is allowed to call me Richard. Second, would it not be easier for both of us if it were you who pretended I was interested?” If I recall, the next week was spent after school in detention.

Art of all forms—drawing, painting, photography—are my way of relaxing, expressing myself, and sometimes, making a social-justice statement. In addition to art, I am also trying my hand at writing. My self-published books, found on Amazon and Kindle, include: The Discarded,” a comical, action-adventure novel; “Cupcakes and Poison,” a collection of fun and thought-provoking Haiku; and “Silence of the Lamb Chops, The Poetry of Petre Zorne.” Before retiring and seriously enjoying art and writing, I practiced social-entrepreneurship, helping to create Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores, The Surplus Exchange, and BooksKC—all, organizations with an environmental slant providing jobs and job training for individuals with disabilities.

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