All Souls Kansas City

Michelle Pond, Poet/Photographer on Exhibit


I am a poet and photographer who likes sports, jazz, and art inspired by other art. I have published a chapbook of grief poems, I Keep You with Me. My work also has appeared in publications such as Thorny Locust Magazine, The Enigmatist and Kansas Time + Place An Anthology of Heartland Poetry. My visual art pieces combine poetry and photographs and have been most recently displayed at the Downtown Neon Gallery, InterUrban ArtHouse, Johnson County Library Gardner Branch and the Liberty (MO) Community Center.

Artist Statement

Visual art and poetry have been in conversation since the time of the ancient Greeks. I pair original photographs and poems that speak to one another.

After I began writing poetry, I started spending more time at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I wrote a poem about the lost wax process of creating sculpture after hearing a docent’s comments. Shortly after, I learned that poetry inspired by visual art is called Ekphrastic poetry.

I also became attentive to the beauty that appears in front of me every day–sunrises, plants, animals and the moon. I capture these moments in photographs. I am taken in by patterns and relationships that I see, like a drying blossom hugging a new bud or a pair of trees that look like parenthesis.

You are invited to join the conversations.

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