All Souls Kansas City

September Artist | Leslie Campbell

Fiber Artist

Rough Around the Edges: Fabricating Fiber

September 8th — October 20

September 13, 5—8 PM:  Artist Reception

Creating fiber art provides a means for gaining perspective of the world around Leslie.  She is a high school librarian, so, she naturally seeks order and discipline. Within her art, expression and form are more important than linear design.  She creates small art quilts which focus on intimate, close up views and abstract impressions by incorporating layers of textural and colorful fabrics, unusual fibers and free motion quilting techniques. She enjoys creating without feeling constrained by rules or quilting norms and traditions. “When I start a piece, I rarely have a complete plan in mind. I let nature, colors, shapes, and textures guide me, and the art evolves.”

“Friends and family members enrich my life and help me to expand my views.  I am stimulated and encouraged by what they create and how they develop their ideas.  Occasionally, we collaborate and experiment with new techniques, which constantly inspires my imagination.  This is reflected in my artwork. ” – Leslie Campbell

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