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Join the 10th Memorial Day witness for a Nuke-Free World

Nuclear weapon resisters “die-in” under the eye of KC MO police on Memorial Day 2017. The die-in is on public property, a statement of the lethal consequences of making parts for nuclear weapons.–Photo by Jim Hannah


Invites you to our 10th annual witness for a nuke-free world on Memorial Day. This year, that’s Monday, May 31st. Please plan to join us, rain or shine, at one of two times/places:

  • At 10:30 a.m., we’ll park on Prospect at Mo. Hwy. 150, the west edge of the property of the nuclear weapon parts plant, the National Security Campus. It’s in KC MO but south of Grandview. We’ll walk past the NSC about a mile, or bike or use a wheelchair, to the east entry to the NSC entry road.
  • At about 11:30 a.m., we’ll hold a rally for a nuke-free world at the entry road to the NSC, 14510 Botts Road, KC MO.

During our walk, we’ll wave flags from the (thus far) 54 countries across the world that have ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. During the rally, we’ll hold a die-in. Yes, it’s Memorial Day, and we recall the hundreds of persons whose families say they died from toxins at Bannister Federal Complex, home to the old nuclear weapon parts plant. The NSC is the new plant that, for about $1.2 billion per year of taxpayers’ money, in our back yard, makes parts for the US nuclear arsenal such as fuses, wiring, and guidance devices.

We’ll mask up, use social distancing, and have chairs available at the Botts Road site.

We are grateful to All Souls, whose members in 1982 started the committee that became PeaceWorks, and whose members have continued supporting PeaceWorks year by year!

For info, contact Henry Stoever (of All Souls),

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