All Souls Kansas City

Social Responsibility Board (SRB)

Social Responsibility Board (SRB) began in 2005 as an effort to coordinate and grow the organized social justice efforts of All Souls. SRB evolved slowly till today the member groups meet bimonthly to coordinate our activities calendar, encourage idea development and project growth, and to guide the use of church space by outside justice organizations. The list of groups using our church free or at reduced cost include Food Circle, Jobs with Justice, Heartland Coalition Against Gun Violence. Several have grown too large to continue at All Souls.Congratulations!
SRB sponsors reading groups like The Third Reconstruction, this year’s UUA Common Read.
Every Sunday, the collection is directed either to a service agency or to special needs of the church. SRB reviews applications from the agencies (501c3 current or pending) and assigns an appropriate month. The Giving Grove receives collections near the planting season, Carver Amigos when school is in session.
Got a cause and want the congregation to work with you on it? Bring it to a meeting, times listed on the All Souls calendar, or email

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