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Linda Parkinson | September 6, 1952 – May 30,2021

Linda Parkinson died Sunday, May 30, 2021.  Linda was a remarkable person who worked tirelessly for social justice in a number of ways.  At All Souls she served on the Board of Trustees, the Ministerial Search Committee for Jim Eller, hosted new member events at her home, and helped establish the 18 year tradition of soup and salad meals before the All Souls Christmas Eve services.  

She also worked with the Gordon Parks and Carver Schools to improve resources for students and teachers.  She developed the project to build schools in Guatemala.  

In recent years she was devoted to serving the houseless through the Morning Glory Café at Immaculate Conception Cathedral in downtown Kansas City, MO.  She collected materials for the program to clothe the people served there and sponsored a Sunday afternoon meal for the houseless people.  Linda invited others to join her in this service thereby enriching other people’s lives with the opportunity to serve.  Linda was renowned for expressing her appreciation to the people who joined her through gifts of “gratitude muffins” and other tokens of appreciation.  She made the world a better place.    

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