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Help the Hunger Outreach Team Continue it’s Mission

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Hunger Outreach Team now has a more complex assignment in light of the necessity to practice Social Distancing.

Free Hot Soup (FHS), the organization All Souls works most closely with, will be handing out sack lunches to maintain social distancing.
The sack lunches will include:
2 sandwiches
Chips or crunchy snack
Protien or granola bar
Treat (something sweet like cookies or fruit)
Drink (bottled water, juice, energy drink, Gatorade)

How can you help?
1. Make some sack lunches and drop them off or let me know where to pick them up. Email to make arrangements for drop off or pick up.
2. Contribute already made sandwiches.
3. Contribute sandwich meat, cheese, chips, bars, treats and/or drinks.
4. Come Thursday 3/19/20 evening and help put sandwiches and sack lunches together. (If you are healthy). Email for future dates.
5. Consider contributing to Hunger Outreach Team. We have exhausted the funds collected last summer and a few additional very generous contributions that have come in since. The bare minimum cost of a meat and cheese sandwich is 65 cents. 150 sandwiches would cost $100.

Click here to give on line. Choose Special Offering in the drop down.

Or Send a check to the church with HOT or Special Offering in the Memo Line. All Souls, 4501 Walnut Street, Kansas City, Mo. 64111

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