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No Detention Centers

Link to KCUR article – Petition Opposing Proposed Immigrant Detention Center On Troost Tops 4,800 Signatures

Sign the petition.

The City Council of Kansas City and the Waldo Community are currently examining a proposal by VisionQuest National LTD to open a detention center for separated migrant children in the currently vacant hospital building at 79th Street and Holmes Road.  VisionQuest is a for-profit company with a very negative reputation that has recently been refused permission to operate in several other cities nation wide.  
Community organizing groups AIRR and MORE2 (Advocate for Immigrant Rights and Reconciliation and Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity) are sponsoring a petition to deny special zoning that would allow this property to be used as a detention center.  If you agree that migrant children should not be separated from their families and subjected to prison conditions, please click here and sign the petition, or visit the table at All Souls on Sunday to sign.

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