All Souls Kansas City

“All Souls History of Dedication to Social Justice,” August 20, 2017, 150th Anniversary Committee

All Souls Covenants          


We, the undersigned, unite as members of the Unitarian Church, known as All Souls Church of Kansas City, Missouri.

By thus uniting, we desire to promote the public worship of God, and the practice of the precepts of Christianity.

We hereby pledge ourselves to employ our individual and united efforts to attain to, and encourage, right and noble living; and to this end, to establish and maintain Sunday Schools, charitable and literary institutions, and all other agencies calculated to promote true Christian life, and thereby the advancement of the highest good of society.

We unite for the promotion of these objects, without requiring of each other any creed or confession of faith, and we claim no right to exclude any one from this church on account of difference in doctrinal opinions.

All persons signing this covenant shall be regarded as members of All Souls Church.


We accept the religion of Jesus …

We declare that nothing in our constitution is to be construed as an authoritative test;

and we cordially invite to our working fellowship any who, while differing from us in belief, are in general sympathy with our spirit and our practical aims.


Avowing as the sole bond of our union a serious purpose to lead pure, reverent and useful lives, we seek together

Love which quickeneth Service and Truth which maketh free.

Current Words of Covenant                                                           

Goodwill is the spirit of this church, and service is its law.

This is our great covenant, to dwell together in peace,
to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.

Children’s Focus “First ever Freddie the Frog Story” by Rev. Judith Walker-Riggs

From letters by Rev. Raymond B. Bragg

Bragg excerpts 1 Bragg Excerpts 2 Bragg Excerpts 3 Bragg Humanism

From “Dead, in Cell No. 5, Fourth Tier” by John E. Roberts

A Lesson from the Jail

“A Day in the Desert” by Rev. Judith Walker-Riggs

A Day in the Desert

Closing Words                                            Rev. Raymond B. Bragg

When there is a better chance for manhood and womanhood, a freer air, a grander openness, a fuller personal initiative; when there is more laughter and freedom and fine, spontaneous humanity, then, indeed, there will be priceless gain.”

Closing Song   “Doxology”          lyrics by Rev. Raymond B. Bragg

From all who now are leaving here,

Let highest thoughts and hopes arise.

May truth’s majestic power be sung,

And goodness reign in all our lives.


None of this would have been possible without the efforts of church members of the past who valued our history and worked to preserve our precious records.

Mary McCarty, as a young girl, knew the founders and first members of the church and later wrote a history of the earliest years.

Dr. Allen Austin wrote a comprehensive history when we celebrated our 75th anniversary.

Forty years ago Terrence Cassidy was the authority on our history and later it was Jim Gill.
More recently, Richard Clark, Lowell Smithson, Megan Monroe and Walt Wells have kept up the work in archives.  And we especially thank Kay Jones and Jim Grebe, for the research that went into this service.