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Becoming a Member

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Membership Committee:

Pictured Left to Right – Mike Jonasson | Anna Sajovic | Mary Lindsay | Membership Coordinator – Angie Jennings | Chairperson – Anita Malott | Seated Front – Sue Coy

Not Pictured : Secretary – Marli Murphy | Stephanie Revels | Max Sheffielf – Baird | Rita Gienapp | Anne Marchin | Lamar Hicks.

According to the congregational constitution, members must be 14 years old, in sympathy with the congregation’s mission, and submit a written request for membership approved by the Board of Trustees. You may contact the church office to request an intent to join form. Voting members must be 18 years old and make a financial contribution of record in the current or preceding year. Under the All Souls bylaws “no test of creed, of faith, of national origin, of race or color, of gender, of affectional or sexual orientation, of physical challenge, or other similar tests” may be imposed as a condition of membership.

If you would like to inquire about becoming a member or you have additional questions you can contact Angie Jennings, Membership Coordinator.

New Member and Visitor Enrichment Classes

Several times a year, there are one-session meetings for those who want to explore the possibility of joining All Souls, to share our stories and ask any questions you might have. There are monthly classes new members and visitors, that over the course of a year, cover many topics, including the history of All Souls and Unitarian Universalism, and many of the All Souls programs, as well as providing opportunities for connection with All Souls members. Attendance is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged, and a lot of fun.

Member Benefits

The most important benefit of membership is the opportunity to engage in a responsible search for truth in a community of other seekers; to work compassionately for justice and to unite reason and passion in a life of meaning and purpose. Membership in a religious community is a resource for individuals and families in times of difficulty and of celebration. Ethical and spiritual education offers guidance to both children and adults that is not readily found elsewhere in our culture.

  • Vote at the annual meeting, have your voice heard
  • Participate
    • Chair a committee
    • Be elected to serve on the board
    • Service as a greeter
    • Usher
    • Welcome table host
    • AV specialist
    • Reader
    • Moderator
    • Choir member
    • Emergency coordinator
    • Get involved with our youth in their religious education activities on Sundays
    • Various social activities
  • Events-Your personal group and or non-profit must align with All Souls message. A small donation is much appreciated to cover expenses.
    • Use of Conover Hall – once a year
    • Use of small meeting rooms – once a month
    • Book your wedding – acceptance of all relationships
  • Attention with Caring Connection
  • Assistance from the Minister’s Discretionary Fund
  • Volunteer with other members in Social Outreach

Once You Become a Member

Here are your goals:

To experience community fully at All Souls, you need to:

  • Attend worship regularly on Sunday morning
  • Participate in an intentional small group
  • Attend at least one social event – Sunday Plus Lunch, Dinners for 8, Concerts, etc.
  • Help with at least one activity – greet, usher, teach, committee, etc.
  • Connect with one child not your own; learn their name – Mystery Friends, RE, child care
  • Assist another member in need – rides, check-in calls, meals, Caring Circles, etc.
  • Learn the hymns and sing them
  • Identify your goals for personal growth, and share them with someone

To make sure we are always here, you need to:

  • Contribute financially as you are able
  • Read the newsletter, the Friday e-mail, the announcements, and other communications
  • Be familiar with the Congregational Covenant and the Conflict Resolution Process
  • Treat the staff and the building with respect
  • Participate in surveys and discussions, and attend the Annual Congregational Meeting
  • Accept leadership roles as appropriate for you, and engage in leadership development

To make sure we thrive and get our message out, you need to:

  • Greet and talk to people you don’t know
  • Be able to say the congregational mission statement
  • Be able to describe Unitarian Universalism and Humanism to outsiders in your own words
  • Identify a personal social justice commitment, and act on it
  • Participate in All Souls outreach and service events
  • Invite people you know to experience All Souls

For more information about membership contact:  Angie Jennings, Membership Coordinator at  (816) 531-2131 ofc.; (816)807-4793 cell – call/text;  email:


The below video is a service that addresses covenant, something as a new member or if you are thinking about becoming a member should consider watching. It will help clarify “covenant”

“Promises Promises”

“Good will is the spirit of this church…” we remind ourselves each week.  Being a covenant community is part of our spiritual tradition, but what does that mean, and why does it matter? Who are we in covenant with, and what does it require of any of us to keep our covenant promises?