All Souls Kansas City

Sunday Mornings

August 18: “Celebrating our Religious Education Teachers” with Rev. Judith Cady

Please excuse the sound difficulties in the beginning of the video.

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“The Fourth Generation” with Rev. Jordinn Nelson Long

Click here to start at the sermon. In 1853 the treaty of Mesilla was signed, placing a border across soil that had not known one before. The treaty of Mesilla is better known as the Gadsden purchase, and was the last major land expansion of the continental united states. The land, all of it, belonged […]

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June 16: “Fortifying Legacies” with Rev. Kendyl Gibbons

Click here to start at the sermon. “My father died only at the end of his life,” concludes Sam Keen, in reflecting on his personal legacy of promises ultimately kept. It is a touching story of connection and mutual awareness between a father and son; a willingness to claim love, and acknowledge its obligations; to […]

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June 9: “The Opposite of Connection” with Rev. Kendyl Gibbons

Click here to start at the sermon. Back in the day, they tell me, people used to join churches defensively. I guess there remain communities where this still happens, though not so much in urban centers any more. But time was when the second or third question folks would ask upon meeting someone new was, […]

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