All Souls Kansas City



The mission and ministry of the congregation are carried out by Teams, including the Worship Team, the Religious Education Team, the Membership Team, the Music Team, the Caring Connections Team, the Forum Team, and various Social Responsibility Teams, such as Green Sanctuary, Warming Center, Partner Church, Carver Amigos, MORE2 Team, Welcoming Congregation, and others.  Any activity that represents what All Souls exists in order to accomplish and offer more of to the world, is operated by a Team.

  • Religious Education Teams offers programing every Sunday for all children/youth from birth through high school.
  • Caring Connection provides short-term assistance and support to people in our church community by connecting those in need and those who can provide what is needed.
  • Green Sanctuary supports environmentally friendly efforts in our church and encouragement to our congregants to do the same at home.
  • Kitchen Team keeps our kitchen clean an organized, provides our standing Sunday Plus Lunches and supports other groups who use the kitchen.
  • Music Teams provide music on Sunday mornings.
  • Social Media & Electronic Communication Team (SMECT) monitors our social media, website and records programs in Bragg to YouTube.
  • Warming Center Team comes together when the temperature drops below 10 in order to open our church building at night for warmth and nourishment.


Committees are groups to which the Board of Trustees delegates operational functions, such as the Finance Committee, the Endowment Committee, the Human Resources Committee, the Audit Committee, the Stewardship Committee, and the Facilities/Maintenance Committee.  These volunteers do essential work that enables All Souls to be a responsible employer, a good neighbor, and institutional citizen, a transparent fiscal manager, and a sensible property owner and landlord.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the institutional life and health of the All Souls community.  Nine members of the Board are elected for rotating three-year terms by the members at the annual congregational meeting.  The Board meets monthly to conduct the business of the church and often schedules other gatherings for informal discussion, in-depth planning, or learning together.  All members of the congregation are welcome to attend and observe board meetings.  Items for the board’s agenda are submitted to the Chair or the Secretary in advance of the meeting.

Board of Trustees


Many Relational Groups also exist to cultivate deeper connections among members as they enjoy activities together.  More information about these groups can be found here.

If you would like your group or committee on this page, please contact Andrea Jonson.