All Souls Kansas City

Church Budget

The staff and lay leadership of All Souls are committed to financial integrity and transparency.  Our congregation is supported primarily by the generosity of our members, who make regular contributions to the work of fulfilling our mission and maintaining our institution.  We also receive helpful income from an Endowment Fund made possible by donations from past and present members, as well as some rental from our building, parking lot, and Simpson House.  We do fund raising activities from time to time, and we receive an offering on Sunday mornings.  Approximately once per month, the Sunday offering is dedicated to national or local community organization whose work we support, and we often raise money for various social responsibility projects.  The largest part of our expenditures goes to ensure that our congregation is a fair and responsible employer to our talented and dedicated staff members.  Other major expenses include the maintenance of our facilities, and funding our programs and activities.

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All Souls has maintained an Endowment Fund since 1975 that allows members and friends to make a contribution to the church in a way that can support the church in major activities and promote the spirit of Unitarian Universalism in the community and the world. Many of these contributions are from estates or wills of beloved members. The fund is invested and overseen in such a way that principle is maintained and any expenditures are from earnings. It has been instrumental in introducing new programs into the church and helps with an annual contribution to the church budget.
If you are interested in more information about the Endowment Fund or are thinking of including the church in your long term or end of life planning, please contact Bonnie Schwarzenholz,