All Souls Kansas City

Constitution, Bylaws, Policies & Resolutions

Constitution and Bylaws

The constitution contains the fundamental principles which govern our church. The bylaws establish the specific rules of guidance by which the church is to function. 

DocumentResponsible Group
All Souls Constitution and Bylaws rev 2021Voting Members


Policies are written statements approved by the Board of Trustees that provide guidance on how the church conducts its affairs. Policies shall be managed according to the Policy on Policies. This page, shall be considered the official online policy book. Any previously approved policies not linked here are not considered valid policies and will need to go through the approval process again.

Governance Policies

PolicyResponsible CommitteeResponsible Staff
Policy on Policies rev2020Board of TrusteesOffice Manager
Emergent or Urgent Voting Permitted by Email Policy adpt2020Board of Trustees
Proposals to the Board of Trustees rev2016Board of Trustees
Conflict of Interest Policy apr2016Board of TrusteesMinister
Congregational Resolutions rev1999Board Administration Committee
Committee Guidelines rev1999Board of Trustees & All Committees
Goal Setting Process for Minister and Board rev2005Board of TrusteesMinister

Facilities & Building Use Policies

Building Use During Covid Pandemic rev6/2021FacilitiesFacilities Manager and Staff
Building Use Policy- All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church amnd2019FacilitiesFacilities Manager and Staff
Room Reservation by Church Groups rev2001Scheduler
Renovation of Building and Grounds rev2016FacilitiesFacilities Manager
Maintenance Contracts adpt 2012FacilitiesFacilities Manager
Simpson House Policy rev2017Facilities (Simpson House Committee)Facilities Manager and Staff

Membership Policies

Member Status Policy rev2021Board of TrusteesMembership Coordinator
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy app2016Board of TrusteesMinister
Conflict Resolution Process and Procedure rev2012Committee on MinistryMinister
Hiring Members for Services Adpt2000Board of TrusteesAll Staff
Self Identified Sexual Offender Policy app2014Board of TrusteesMinister

Greater Community Policies

Relational, Sponsored and Affiliated Organizations Policy rev2016Board of Trustees

Finance Policies

Special and Restricted Funds Policy app2016Finance Committee
Financial Controls rev2016Finance Committee
Budget Guidelines adpt2011Finance Committee
Budget Creation Policy rev2017Finance Committee
Fundraising app2000Stewardship Committee
Gifts over $5000 rev2012Finance Committee

Children and Youth Religious Education Policies

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Procedure rev2016Religious Education (RE) TeamRE Director
General Safety Policy for Children and Youth rev2016Religious Education (RE) TeamRE Director
Keeping our Children Safe Policy rev2016Religious Education (RE) TeamRE Director


Communications Policy re2017Board of TrusteesAll Staff
Media Policy adpt2013Communications CommitteeMinister
Partisan Political Policy rev2002Board Administration CommitteeScheduler & Facilities Manager
Security Video Policy adp2019Board of TrusteesOffice Administrator

Board Resolutions

A board resolution is a formal document that solidifies in writing important decisions that the board makes.

Congregational Resolution on Congregational Life

A congregational resolution is a formal document that solidifies in writing important decisions that the congregation makes at an annual or special meeting and is adopted according to the Congregational Resolution Policy

Ministerial Policies

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