All Souls Kansas City

April Artist – Linda Seiner

Storm Cloud on Saddle Road 

March 31 – April 30

Opening reception:  Saturday April 13th, 1 – 3 PM


I have always been fascinated with color and texture.  For many years, I soothed my creative side with textiles as a custom dressmaker.  But the desire to work in other media kept exerting a gentle tug on my spirit.

When I faced significant health issues, I found I could express my feelings and release them by creating art.  I was no longer bound by attempting to achieve perfection.  Relying on my natural, intuitive ability, I was free to create, using color, texture and my emotions.

I start a piece with a quick sketch, using a vision I pull from a dream, a feeling or influence from nature.  I use art paper, acrylics, chalk pastels and other media to create. I let the movement and color variations in the torn pieces of art paper guide me to the finished piece.  I like the results of serendipity that flow from allowing deep emotions to surface and move through to final expression.  Frequently, the piece evolves into its own expression, only marginally resembling the original sketch.

It is my desire that the viewer makes an emotional connection with the image.  I take great satisfaction in knowing a piece of my art has touched the spirit of the viewer.  It is less important that the viewer “see” what I saw in the image, as I feel the beauty in abstract expression is the freedom for each viewer to decide what the image means to them.

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