All Souls Kansas City

Artist Talk and Book Signing

Sharon Rodriguez, Photographer | Johnson County, KS : Homeless

August 3rd, 1 PM – 3 PM

Homeless, with Honor is the second photography documentary book by Olathe based artist, Sharon Rodriguez. This book chronicles veterans, individuals, homeless families and includes an in-depth portfolio of a homeless camp, giving viewers direct access to the day to day lives of those humans living on the periphery of the wealthy suburbs in Johnson County, Kansas. As with the first edition, Homeless, not Invisible (EMP Books, 2017), there are hand-written accounts of life and experiences of each person included in the book. Rodriguez exhibits a unique sensitivity to the struggle of homeless individuals, and creates from a place of consent and care with a deep conviction in the dignity of these disenfranchised individuals. Much like the purpose of the famed photos of depression era poverty by Dorothea Lange, it is essential that our society be aware of those living at the fringes and Rodriguez achieves this with grace, dignity and ethics.

The book follows fourteen individuals, examining their daytime safe spaces and caregivers as well as the camps and cars which serve as sanctuaries by night. Rodriguez also includes information about the whereabouts of folks featured in Homeless, not Invisible, as well as a section of how an interested person can help.

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