All Souls Kansas City

February Artist: Zoe Green, painter, photographer and sculpture

“The Mother” detail

February 15th , 5 – 7 PM – Opening Reception.

Duration – February 1 – 28


Zoe Green was born in Des Moines, Iowa, but grew up in a small town called Smithville in Missouri. Growing up in a devout Catholic household endowed in her an outlook focused on family, servitude, and tradition. When she started experiencing emptiness in her practice and purpose, Zoe delved deeper into art while in high school. Her interest started in photography, but during her B.F.A. studies in undergrad this shifted to painting and sculpture.


My work explores the insecurity and impermanence of family, love, and self-identity as seen from a Catholic upbringing. I paint portraits of family members and segments of our bodies, combined with symbols from my heritage and rural surroundings. By using a palette that is varicolored and unnatural to the skin, I entice the viewer to question mortality and perishability. In addition, I photograph my surroundings, turning the farmlands of Maryville, Missouri into biblical quilt work. I feel the isolation and perpetual rituals of these small communities, and the confinement that I have experienced during my four years here. Both of these mediums attempt to preserve my relationships and moments, and how I cope with uncertainty and loss. Together these pieces make up a body of work that show the dichotomy between creating to connect with others and how being this creator takes away time from your other identities such as daughter, friend, and lover.

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