All Souls Kansas City

January Artist: Liz Halsted-Fiber Artist and Painter

January 4th, 5 PM – 7 PM – Opening Reception
January 29th – Exhibition Closes

Artist Bio

Liz Halsted was a physics major turned computer engineer. She served as a non-profit executive/board member and an owner of a knitwear design firm.  She is known for her jewelry and fiber work. Textiles have played an important part in her life. She has exhibited her work extensively and runs her studio in the Kansas City Livestock Exchange Building.

Artist Statement

I am a methodical and results oriented person, but also one who loves color, texture, and design. Weaving satisfies both. The warping and planning is methodical and mathematical.

The weaving is meditative and spontaneous. I lay out my colorway on my work table using hundreds of pieces of yarn in the form of cones, skeins, and scraps. I adjust until it feels good. Then I start weaving. When I sit at my loom and weave these tapestries, I don’t think too much about the end result. It’s all about the colors and textures unfolding in my hands.

Utilizing watercolor, oil paint, oil pastel, and cold wax medium, silk threads and fabrics, I explore the interactions between the shapes and colors of my textiles while attempting to bring the illusion of the depth and texture of fiber to a flat surface.

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