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March Artist: Royal Scanlon, Photographer – “The Effects of Clarity a Retrospective”

The Dance of Shadow Light, Color in Fall – Royal Scanlon

March 8th, 5 – 7 PM – Artist’s Reception; 


March 30th – Exhibition Closes


Royal Scanlon photo by Angie Jennings

Royal Scanlon’s involvement in the creative process started early in his life. He was nurtured by his mother, a talented artist in her own right, whose commitment to sketching and painting pictures of both objects in the physical world and ideas she dreamed up, fascinated him.  With her guidance he too began capturing those worlds on paper. When he reached school age, art classes were his number one priority. So much so, that when the opportunity arose to attend a vocational school half days throughout his junior and senior years of high school, he jumped at the opportunity. He received an equivalent 2 year degree in Commercial Art.

After a year in college he found another creative outlet in music. He followed this path for 15 years and worked on the road and studio. He had then given up the road to open his recording studio. This gave him the ability to create his own work and help others realize their own creative path.

After time his created shifted once again to photography. He has the ability to apply what he has learned and absorbed with other creative processes to produce images that reflect his past experience combined with present technology to give something that looks futuristic.

“I find myself still — living a life of creative exploration within and without me.” – Royal Scanlon  


Statement – 

I had an experience at a retreat, meditating by a pond being caressed by a gentle breeze. When the meditation concluded, I began opening my eyes very slowly and mindfully, focused on the process of “opening- to” rather than “taking-in” the “three-dimensional reality” before me.  My intent was to allow my inwardly focused mind to simply experience (as one experiences peripheral vision). What I encountered was a visceral sense of actually witnessing the shimmering, vibrant energy of the living world (within and without me) in the form of numerous, parallel, diagonally-sliding, lines of light, running across and towards me, there upon the surface of the water.  So it began…

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